Osservatorio Parigi – Media Factsheet 

Historic Focus on Climate Health Impacts 

The ‘Putting Health at the Center of Climate Agenda’ session of the  World Climate Action Summit on 2nd December, combined multiple  transformative climate health announcements to drive down emissions  and protect health globally. Announcements included the unveiling of the  Climate and Health Declaration, climate health financing from partners,  and transformative Guiding Principles for Financing Climate and Health Solutions established to protect health. 

The First Health Day at a COP 

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human health in the 21st century. COP28 will be the first COP to host a Health Day and climate ministerial at a COP on December 3rd. At the first ever Health Day,  participants will progress solutions to reduce carbon emissions, limiting  air pollution, and preventing premature deaths. 

The COP28 UAE Climate and Health Declaration and full list of  endorsing countries can be found here. 

The COP28 Guiding Principles for Financing Climate and Health  Solutions and full list of endorsers can be found here. 


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