And finally the expected, debated, controversial, essential 28th appointment of the conference of Parties has started.

In the luxurious venue of the Expo City Dubai the leaders of the nation will gather to decide the sorts of human actions towards the global problem of climate change.
It’s the 28th appointment and we cannot be never tired to tell the story of this wonderful saga that represents the greatest world attempt of global multilateralisms to address a cross-border challenge.

This year will be more intriguing in an hardly conflictual geopolitical scenario and in a place that – without any prejudice – surely was not provided when UNFCCC was born.

Anyway, sometimes reality surprises fantasies and expectation and like Aladin this year we need fly high on our carpet

We are not on track at all : pre-COP28 secretariat reports demonstrates that there are huge gaps with respect to the Paris Agreement goals.

The mandate declared also by Simon Stiell is to take this negotiation seriously, starting to “run” towards the objectives, rather than advance at slow steps.

Grim news expected from the World Meteorological Organization’s State of Climate report(landing 1430 Dubai time on Thursday, press conference room 1) with temperatures spiking and extreme weather conditions evident globally. The WMO typically plays a straight bat, but the message will be clear: the 1.5C warming limit is slipping, the costs of impacts are rising, the Panama Canal is stuffed, and food shortages and hits to trade are becoming the norm.

Should we accelerate at this COP? That’s the unpredictability that pervades this unusual setting. 

But let’s tell something about the first day: we started with a moving passage of testimony between the COP27 presidency Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to COP28 presidency Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber.

In this passage the condolence to two important persons of the negotiations processes Pete Betts, and Saleemul Huq as well as to all the civil victims of the conflict in Gaza has been expressed. We associate to these condolences.

Than the floor passed to the new presidency of Al Jaber.

We do not spend many rows on how he is and the discussion around him because will be trivial and unuseful.
Let’s stay on his words : he welcomed the parties and the delegates with a message of cooperation and inclusivity , very fresh thanks to his young age and as youth as UAE are as a state – he said.
The inclusivity transmitted has been very ecumenic, so much that fossil fuels was included with “courage” in his first speech ….to be included into the climate action points.

Actually this indulgence toward fossil fuels companies has let started the presidency with an early press release to respond BBC reports that Al-Jaber’s team cut oil deals in the lead up and a hoax press release claiming he had quit as ADNOC CEO. On Tuesday,

Al-Jaber forcefully denied his team had ever cut said deals, labelling the story ‘false, not true, incorrect… not accurate’. The BBC story referenced meeting notes for 13 governments that suggested ADNOC cooperation on future fossil fuel projects.

Even in a diplomatic tonethe reactions of the parties has been not always neutral

“Historically, the position of the COP President has been understood to be one of impartiality.Like other Pacific nations, Vanuatu has been championing the phaseout of fossil fuels as the climate science is clear, this is essential to a secure future for our Pacific region. We hope that the recent reports in relation to the COP President are an exaggeration, and we look forward to working with the Presidency to secure ambitious mitigation outcomes at COP28.”  Ralph Regenvanu, Minister for Climate Change, Vanuatu.

The game started with an ace from the pocket
To discourage the discreditors and the dangerous voices around him, the president of COP28 decided to start with an impressive “ace from the pocket” 

A first pledge of $300 million dollars on the Loss & Damage fund:actually $290-580bn is needed to help countries smashed by extreme weather. Developing countries want $100bn a year by 2030. 

So surely a shot, but ambition needs to be raised.

Five areas still stand out as key for these negotiations:
1.  fossil fuel phaseout deal with clear targets through the 2030s;
2. A new set of clean energy & efficiency targets for 2030;
3.A commitment to deliver new finance target in excess of $100bn a year by 2030;
4. A deal to deliver tougher national climate plans in 2025 covering all sectors and all emissions;
5. Signing off on the Loss & Damage fund and filling it with hundreds of millions of dollars

…and the Global Stocktake that stand to the secretariat “must set clear expectations for economy-wide Nationally Determined Contributions, that cover all greenhouse gases, and align with the 1.5-degree limit”

Health is rising attention 

The health topic also thanks to the relentless action of WHO and The Lancet countdown report is rising great attention. 

On the December 3th is provided a Ministerial Meeting on Climate and Health

For those not with us in person, a livestream will be available on the ClimaHealth website: See also

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