Domenico Vito

The war goes on. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

The war goes on, in the eyes of children, on the skin of women, in the heart of people.

The war goes on, despite the calls for peace. In spite of human suffering.

When we talk about war, we often talk about bombings, weapons, tanks, fighter-bombers, strategies. But, what about people? What about families?

Just imagine it. One day you are in your house, with all your stuff, your books, your clothes, admiring your garden and everything you like. Next day, suddenly, you have nothing more.

Bombs fall on you, like hail. And the only thing you can do is to go away, run away, far away. 

The only choice you can make is to walk away, towards another country, to the unknown and desolation.

We can resume in that way what a young woman, who has found shelter in Poland, told us. But these could be the words of any refugee running away from any war. 

“It’s all in ruins, the place where we used to be happy is just a memory”. 

Iryna goes to Poland with her mother and her son, a little boy who attends the kindergarten. She doesn’t talk about the men of her family and we don’t ask. 

She says her child doesn’t know how terribly serious the situation is. He doesn’t know there is no money anymore, they can’t buy clothes or food. He doesn’t know his mother has no idea how to survive. He doesn’t know his grandmother cries every day, every moment of the day.

“But, how can we think about clothes and useless things, all the stuff we used to have, when in our country people don’t have food, electricity, water, heating, medicines? Our people are dying and our hospitals have been destroyed”.

The economical situation is serious, not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

This war uncovered unfortunately several lacks in our perception of international scenario, and unveiled the real interest of states, leaders and regions.
War is not the solution, unfortunately is a fever. A crisis situation that meters the faults and the mismatching of “our models” with the real situations. 

From the war, we have to consider way to go out from “old models”: energy for example is at the center of the balance of power underneath this war.
Russian governors has take surely force for their action because their ownership one world gas reservoirs represent a threat for the so called “western world”.

But samely the reaction of Europe in its sanctions to Russia has speeded up the way of transition towards renewables.

Raw materials’ price is increasing every day. Gold and platinum are at their all-time high; fuel price is skyrocketing, not even mentioning natural gas. The humanitarian and environmental emergency is totally out of control.

We are nearing the point of no return and the catastrophe could be imminent. Or way on the way to turn definitively on a “new way”. Or a “new way” without control will come out from this situation

Is diplomacy the way, ever now? We still believe so. Strongly so.

Sure diplomacy has to work and to refine the current structure. Also in this for example the structure of the UN security council needs to be reconsidered.
Unfortunately for example Putin is using the veto position of Russia to block any possible intervention of the UN peacekeeping forces in Ukraine.
The result is such a massacre.

So are we sure that the current diplomacy world structure is fitted to grant peace worldwide? Are we sure that the real actors of the world scenario are taken into consideration? Are we sure that in such a shape we can protect the population and nation to experience what past wars let face with WWI and WWII?

These are surely questions and reflections that we need to take after the Ukraine experience. These need to be fairly considered.

The fundamentals of Europe have been based on the sorrows caused by the totalitarianism of the ‘900.  And so from the Ukraine invasion we have to learn. We need to learn. 

We cannot just stand in a sort of coup from a foreign country in a sovereign state like a matter of historical fact. Always claiming on democracy we cannot accept that the use of military force can be the way to decide the sorts of nations.

We have to learn, we have to be critic, also on yourself.
But we have to improve, giving real sense to our world, our claims, our actions.

To not overload of non-sense this just anachronistic and senseless WAR, we are living even during this times